Hey! My name is Ciruu Kiniti. Most heroes wear capes, but mine wore a crown of thorns for me.

I am a single mom to an amazing boy who lights up my world with an amazing heart for the things of God.

As a single parent am faced with one herculean task; ensuring I bring up my son in the ways of the Lord. That is the only gift that I can truly give my son.

It’s not easy bringing up a child solo. It takes the grace of God to show up everyday. I have seen and felt His overwhelming love, comfort and embrace.He has always been there with me.
He knows my desire for a mate. He has withstood my tantrums when I thought I had, had it with Him. He has remained so faithful and true to me.

In this blog, I endeavor to share my journey as a single mom and a lady in waiting. I share experiences from my life, reminding us that we are all on a race. We must keep to our track and run the race that is uniquely ours.

I haven’t met anyone who likes to wait so I am no exception, but waiting on God has something beautiful around and about it if you would only allow yourself to see it.

I am not waiting perfectly at His feet, please do not get me wrong. I am learning to wait on God because I know He is a faithful God I know He will never fail me.

In writing, I seek to encourage single moms and hopefully single dads too.

To the ladies in waiting; God is a story teller. A beautiful Story teller. I have evidence. Read the bible. Check this space. His writing is all over…

Run the race that God has set for you. Stick to your course. He will see you through. There is Grace.

In His amazing love & Mine!

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